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Cats. Not the Musical

So this weekend my girlfriend decided to adopt a cat. She knew that I didn’t like cats and that I am a little allergic but not to bad. I was very annoyed and pissed about this situation.

The first 10 minutes of this car being home she climbs on me and starts rubbing her face up to mine so I start petting her. Ok 30 minutes go by this cat is just cuddling up next to me when I’m watching some baseball. Not to bad.

I then started to think ok this cat isn’t bad. The next few days it has been fine and she is always trying to cuddle and rub up on me. So long story short I think I like cats!

Let me tell you what fellas and ladies cats aren’t bad because they are very low maintenance and pretty much just chill all day! So if you ever have a significant other that decides to get a cat randomly don’t be mad and don’t be stressed just give it a shot!

That is all for my Ted talk today see ya!

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