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College Football Picks! December 12th Lock THEM MOTHER FUCKERS IN.

I do not like doing this but I am rolling with a 4 game parlay and complete lock.

Let's start with our first pick of the day Georgia vs. Missouri. I am taking Georgia at -8 buying some points here but I am rolling with it. Georgia's defense is outstanding we need Our QB to be a sound QB today and we cover that spread easily.

The second pick of this parlay is Coastal Carolina Vs Troy. Roll with the damn Mullets and get an easy win here. Their defense is fun to watch and Grayson McCall is a gamer. Coastal Carolina at -10.

The third pick of the four-game parlay, North Carolina Vs Miami. Miami is rolling right now this will be a tight one but let's roll with Miami coming out on top Money Line these guys.

Last and Final pick of this crazy four-game parlay. Utah vs Colorado. This is a very even match-up, Colorado is home and they will come out on top. Colorado -6.

The lock of the day for all the haters out there. Houston vs Memphis. I like this Memphis team but it doesn't seem many people want to ride with them I am telling you LOCK IN MEMPHIS.

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