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Dancing With The Devil Demonology 101 -The Demon Destroyers FEAT Ron Kerner RABBAH AMRAPHEL

Listen, If you're not entertained by this episode then you don't have a pulse. Today I am joined by DR Ron Kerner AKA "RABBAH AMRAPHEL" and formerly known as Ronnie "The Rottweiler" Kerner from his days as a boxer. Ron is the most interesting person I have ever talked to. He has a past with the mob, was an actor, boxer, and now he destroys demons. FUCKING DEMONS! Ron is a jack of all trades and is one badass motherfucker. He is also the nicest guy that you'll ever met. I cant thank him enough for the amount of time that he gave me on this interview. Ron tells me all about his past to start the show and then we slowly get into demonology 101. I must have asked him a thousand questions. I couldn't get enough. He walks me through how he does exorcisms and some of the experiences that hes had with them. We do a total deep dive in possessions, exorcisms, demons and even talk about the antichrist of course. Also heads up, Ron believes the antichrist is already among us. Be sure to follow Ron on his social channels @ronkerner_rabbahamraphel And if you know someone in need of Ron's services get ahold of him at "The Demon Destroyers LLC" Lets Wing It!!!

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