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Going Out In Saratoga? Is This The Best Bar There?!

Today’s Wingman Bar Review takes us to Soundbar in Saratoga Springs, NY. Hunter is joined on this bar review by Max and also our newest Wingmen Joey and Alex. You will also see two Wingman Dimes that are actually bartenders at Soundbar throughout the video. You're gonna have an extreme fear of missing out after watching this. So be ready for that!

We'll also be guest bartending here over the next five weeks starting this Friday, Nov 11th through December 9th


Nov 11th : Hunter

Nov 18th : Joey

Nov 25th: Gabby (Wingman Dime)

Dec 2nd: Racquel (Wingman Dime)

Dec 9th : Iliana

Find out what we scored on this bar and comment on your experiences here.

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