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Joe Judge Is The Tyrant The Giants Need

Joe Judge has made 2 free agent veterans quit in the past two days and I couldn't be happier. Judge is setting a culture in New York. Something we haven't had since Tom Coughlin's been here. We want guys that want to play and that want to be here more importantly. Judge has made it clear that if you don't want to be here then you're free to walk out the door.

Yesterday Todd Davis retired who is a veteran Linebacker around the league. He most notably played for the Broncos but also played for the Saints and Vikings. He has stepped away and also praised Judge on his way out the door.

Today OL Joe Looney has announced his retirement. Looney was a standout on the Dallas Cowboys for years. He was added over the weekend as the Giants have depth issues on their offensive line. This news comes just one day after the brawl at Giants training camp that everyone is talking about. Judge made every single player run 100-yard sprints followed by push-ups. Then they repeated with more sprints and pushups. You have to wonder if this was the final straw in Looney's decision making process. I'm willing to bet that it was. You constantly hear rookies saying that college practices are harder than NFL practices. Judge has worked under Nick Saban in the past. This is probably where he gets his practice style from.

Let's not forget we cut Kelvin Benjamin the 1st day of practice before he even got warmed up and was stretched. He came in overweight and Judge showed him the door. Could be the end for Benjamin as well. So possibly 3 players forced into retirement by Judge. The man is setting the tempo and the culture. You have to love his approach. For those that are worrying that he is pushing the players too hard, DONT. Flashback to last years training camp and Judge was doing fumble drills diving into the mud with players. The players love him and back him. Our defense came a long way last year and will take another leap this year. We're getting back to the hard-nosed defense like the ones we had back in every one of our super bowl runs. He's building toughness.

JUDGE IS THAT GUY! You cant change my mind. The Giants are in great hands with him at the helm.

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