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Keep, Trade, Cut?

Yesterday was one of the best days that the wingman have had! (Hunter, Max and Chris)

In our upcoming Vlog you will see our trip to an Albany Empire game at the Times Union center where the Empire faced the Jacksonville Sharks. It wasnt only a good time it was a good football game. We ended up with media passes for this game, we were in the middle of the pact interacting with fans, players, the owners and the cheerleaders!

At the end of the game we got on the field where Max and Hunter asked some players the same question and we got pretty funny responses. Max interviewed Malachi Jones one of his favorite players! Let me tell you what we got great answers from him. We had to wait sometime to get an interview with him because it seemed like he was the hometown hero. Once Max got up there to interview Malachi he asked the question "Keep, Trade, Cut?" He gave Malachi 3 players names for this question. Heres the choices. Tommy Grady, Tom Brady and Uncle Rico. You want to see the answer we got, I think you will be as surprised as we were.

Check out all four interviews with players Malachi Jones, Mo Ruffins, Tommy Grady and Jonathan Bane. I promise you wont regret it!

You can find it on our instagram (@WOTYofficial)

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