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Mission Statement

The brand of Wingman Of The Year (WOTY) was created to provide content that allows people to escape their everyday lives. It was also found on the pillars of friendship and entrepreneurship. A business started by friends with friends.

Entrepreneurs  and motivational speakers often preach "do what you love for work and you'll never work a day in your life." I, Hunter Werner took this quite literally. I actually thought to myself while working some crap job, if I could do anything I wanted to for work and get paid for it, what would it be? The answer I came up with was to hang out with my friends, drink beer, watch sports, and do anything we wanted to that involved having fun. How could that even be possible to do though? It seems impossible really and laughable to most.

 In today's day in age with social media, YouTube, and podcasts I think it is very possible. Wingman Of The Year is my very attempt at this.

 I want to be the entrepreneur that paved the way not only for himself but for his family and friends. The entrepreneur had an idea that seemed dumb and childish to most. The idea that only his friends bought into. I want to be the guy that does what he loves. I want to be the guy that makes it possible for other people to do what they love. I want to provide value. I want to be the Wingman Of The Year!

Underneath and behind the Wingman Of The Year brand is people that want to live their life on their own terms. People believe that growing up doesn't mean having to let friends go. People that want to share their passions and opinions while providing value and entertainment. People that write the story of this brand by being themselves and nothing else.

Who's coming with me?

Hunter Werner

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