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Multi Generational Homestead Preppers - The Appalachian Homestead

Today I was joined by Shallon who comes from a family of Homestead Preppers. Quite simply put, her family was prepping before prepping was a thing. She described it as a culture. The culture of the Appalachia. We dive into what a typical day in her life is like and the deep knowledge of skills that she possesses. Shallon also clears up some common prepping myths and shares with us what the average person can do to start prepping. She firmly believes that everyone should be prepping. At least on a smaller scale with enough supplies to last a month.

Shallon was nice enough to share some things to get us started. Including a list of 100+ items to get started on prepping. Her website is also full of good blogs and useful information. I'll add all her social information below as well. Be sure to give her a follow! Shallon says they answer any DM's if you have questions. Don't be scared to reach out.

IG: @theappalachianhomestead

Website: The Appalachian Homestead – Come on in and stay a while

Lets Wing It!!!

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