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Nelson Knapke is a DOG

It was just a normal day looking for a video to post on the WOTY instagram. I landed a video that looked like it would be a hit. I wasnt sure the original person that posted this video. So we put this video out and we get a DM from Colton Howard. He was just telling us that this video was his and we gave him the credit. We decided to get Colton on "WINGING IT." Its happened to be one of the best interviews on "winging it." Colton helped so much with getting Nelson for this interview and we want to thank you Colton!

More into the video:

Colton Howard is a sports Anchor at WANE-15 based out of Indiana. He ended up interviewing Nelson Knapke a tremendous football player from BIshop Luers Football in Indiana. Let me tell you what this interview was hilarious. Nelson just started hyping up his whole team calling them DOGS. So we had to get this kid on an interview. Hunter ended up interviewing Nelson and asking him all these great questions but the best question came from Colton himself. "What is the definition of a dog?" The answer is the priceless, watch the video for the answer. I dont want to ruin this interview for anybody so check it out!

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