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New Wingmen (Chris+JP)

Wingman Of The Year is has taken some huge steps in the past week. Highlighting these huge steps are some new additions to our team. Some additions to the cult that WOTY is, or at least aspires to be. Wingers, please welcome Chris Persons and JP Suppes!

Chris is actually a former roommate of mine who has wanted to help out with WOTY for the longest time. We had to find his niche first. Just this past week we found it. He has acquired a very particular set of skills over the past couple of months. Well... a gambling addiction actually. Chris is now running the Wingman Sportsbook account/brand. Our premiere gambling content page/brand.

But in all seriousness welcome aboard Chris. You are already our best, most consistent blogger. That is something that we have been missing and needed badly to get some wind in the sails. Your fast start after just a few days has moved us forward in the right direction more than you know. Clearly, it has inspired me to blog. You have also inspired me to create even more content in general. So keep up the great work and let's keep moving forward! Keep the great ideas coming!

JP has joined the team just this past weekend and is recording his first podcast episode today. The show will be called Ballpark Figures. It will be a show featuring sports statistics. It should be a very interesting and entertaining show. Even better is how unique it is. I don't believe there is many if any podcasts discussing this specifically. This is a huge plus for the network. I think this show is a huge opportunity and has all the potential in the world to be as creative as possible.

I know JP through the military and am extremely excited to have him aboard. He is one of the most knowledgeable guys I know. He's a sports encyclopedia. He is also extremely personable and laid back. This is the WOTY vibe if I do say so myself. He is Wingman. Welcome JP!

(I'm still gonna call you Suppes.)

Very exciting news for Wingman! Two new brands on board in one weekend! Lets fucking go! Let's keep it rolling gentlemen!

Let's wing it!

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