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Our Newest Wingman... Correction, Wingwoman

Welcome aboard Hailey!

The newest member of Wingman Of The Year content team and family. I've known Hailey for quite some time now, but I gotta be honest I'm extremely excited for this one. We've been missing a strong female presence on our team and I think we found it. Hailey is an extremely talented writer and content producer. She is gonna give WOTY a huge advantage going forward as we continue our quest for world domination. Or internet domination. Same thing.

Seriously though! Hailey is going to be a force at WOTY. I think she has viewpoints that a lot of our readers/listeners will be interested to hear. She's very creative and has some great ideas for content that I plan to integrate as the company moves forward. She's a super-strong writer and I think a lot of people are going to enjoy her blogs as that will primarily be what she's doing at WOTY for now. We hope to have her as a guest on our other shows though and she is more than welcome to start a show of her own on the network if that's what she wants.

So once again, welcome aboard Hailey! If you're reading this and want to know more about Hailey check her out on our website. Hailey | Wingman Of The Year

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