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ShoeNice - YouTube Legend - Tosh.0, H3 Podcast

ShoeNice joins the show today. He has had over 90 million views on YouTube over the past 10 years because he has the "stomach of a Billy goat". That's a direct quote from him. He tells me all about how he started on YouTube and what he's currently doing now as far as YouTube and Cameo. We discuss all of his appearances on Tosh.0 and some behind the scene things about being a guest on the show. ShoeNice was also recently a guest on the H3 podcast and we go into that a little bit. We even take a shot of liquor together. A moment I'll never forget. An interview for the ages. This was a huge get for Winging It.

Be sure to check ShoeNice out on YouTube or book him on Cameo!

Lets Wing It!!!

And let me know what you think about this episode!


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