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Star Players and Head Coaches.

Star players need to have a say in hiring new coaches. I know we have people that would say "let coaches coach and players play." I mean come on now if you have a star player like Lebron James, Damian Lillard, Kevin Durant etc. and they want a coach of their choice on the team you have to listen to their opinion.

Lets look at the Lillard situation. Dame wanted Jason Kidd as his head coach and the team didnt have his back or even try to go get Jason Kidd. Now this stirs the pot and Dame isnt happy. He loves Portland and the fans but now he wants out! How in the hell do you let this happen as a franchise??

We have another situation where Durant wanted Steve Nash as his head coach and the nets listened and got him... This makes your best player happy and it makes him want to be on the team.

We all have our opinions just like we all have our assholes, but this is a serious matter.

I am done with this matter for now but please feel free to comment with your opinion!

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