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Talking To A Ghost With A Demonologist - Halloween Special

Welcome to our Halloween special. Max and Hunter come in wearing some costumes to get in the spirt and our guests even come on wearing some costumes. If you're a listener we highly recommend watching the YouTube video for this one. A little bit of a different format today as we have 3 separate interviews.

The first featuring Myah and Justine who are the hosts of Sip and Slay Podcast. @sipandslaypod Its a new true crime podcast that is a great listen. And the best thing about them is that they encourage you to drink with them during the show. Sign us up. We dive into some true crime stories with them and discuss why women are so into serial killers and this kind of stuff.

Next up is Juliana Haliti who is the host of The Haunted 518. @thehaunted518 As you some of our listeners may know, we have strong roots in the 518 and surrounding upstate New York area. Juliana comes on and shares some chilling stories of our local area and tells us some of her own personal encounters with the paranormal.

Last but not least is a former guest from one of our most downloaded episodes and from one of our most watched vlogs. Ron Kerner @rk_all_day_its_in_my_blood our resident Demonologist and exorcist joins us on the program. He shares what he's been up to and gives us the craziest moment on our show yet. Ron gave us the chance to talk to a spirit that was attached to a doll and we asked it questions. It responded to us through a spirit box that gives the spirt a voice with one word answers. We received a lot of activity including the doll moving!!! Yes seriously!

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