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The Journey Of Wingman Of The Year: Max

What up wingers! It's Max. The VP of WOTY. The loveable loser. The Basic Bitch of music reviews. LOL. I appreciate you if you are reading this blog! So I decided to take a different vibe on this post (compared to my music posts about Streaming Cassettes). I wanted to talk to you all about the progress that Wingman Of The Year has gone through, and where I feel it can potentially head towards. I feel that we have grown over the last 2-3 months and I am proud of what our team has done with our TikTok presence and our branding. I also feel that we are NOWHERE close to crushing it like that media brand that I feel that we should be. The reason being is when you are starting out a media company, there are so many aspects that you need to cover.

From consistent content, to keep tabs on social media, making sure all team members are staying on top of their own content, to thinking about sponsors, and more. I am not writing this to gripe about my issues. That isn't my style, but more of placing these thoughts in visible sight, so I can look back at this blog to realize how much WOTY will grow in the next 12-24 months. Sometimes when you are worried about day-to-day activities, you forget that most companies succeed after being steady for a long period of time. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I NEED TO REMEMBER. LOL. I get nervous at times that I am not doing enough and I put myself down more than I should because I have a true passion for what Hunter has created here and I don't want to let him down or RJ, Suppes, Chris, Hailey, Tyler, or myself. I do know that I can do more and we are grinding hard to make the WOTY dream happen! I am truly thankful for the guys and gals that we have onboard right now, and I look forward to expanding that family.

I feel that Wingman Of The Year has the potential to break into the media space as the voice for helping your brother/sister in need, bring value to your life, raise up voices that do not have a platform to speak freely and be an escape that is hard to find in this world. I will end this with a calling card... If you are a creator, blogger, performer, speaker, artist, tech-head, gamer, influencer, model, sex worker, finance bro, movie critic, DJ, and so on... Then message me (or any of us) to join Wingman Of The Year. We want to create a team that will move mountains and will be a new voice in a diverse content market. We are here to empower you. That is the Wingman Way! I know someone out there who is reading this can be a part of this team. Well, I am done rambling! Let me know what else I should blog. As always... Max The VP signing out!

- Max

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