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The Sticky Stuff?

With the MLB cracking down on pitchers using sticky stuff on the mound to help them get grip on the ball Dylan Bundy tried a new way to bring the sticky stuff in the game.

It was the bottom of the 2nd on June 28th 2021 with a baserunner on 2nd and 2 outs. Bundy didnt want to let that run in and he needed a little extra grip because it was hotter than a mother fucker out there in New York. So he turned on the mound and sent a rocket full of puke on the backside of the mound.... His plan back fired and he was taken out of the game. Man the MLB is really cracking down on this shit....

OK OK that isnt the true story, I mean he did send puke out of his mouth at 100 mph but he wasnt using it for grip! He could of been hungover from the night life in NYC or he could of had heat exhaustion. In all seriousness I hope he is ok but I do want to say SUCK IT THE FUCK UP AND PLAY!!! Ive seen my buddies puke and rally plenty of times! Step it up next time Bundy you arent in Baltimore anymore!

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