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The Wingman Chronicles

We present to you, The Wingman Chronicles. The first episode of a long line of vlogs to come from Wingman Of The Year. We'll be doing a lot more of these as our schedules start changing and as soon as some of us can start doing WOTY full time.

WOTY has been held back due to all the wingmen living in different states and because of the pandemic. This is the first time at least 3 of us have gotten together in person since we've started. In our first vlog you'll see us make some of our own custom packaging. Bootstrapping our way to the top. Nobody will be able to say we didn't start from the bottom if they watch this. This vlog is all about documentation. Almost like our origin story. You'll also see Max try VR for the first. Hunter might even make him dabble into the VR porn realm. You'll see the most mesmerizing Chick fil a scene of all time. Tons of other things and then to top it off about 5 straight minutes of the wingmen crushing karaoke and singing Mr. Brightside. We look forward to doing more of these as time goes on.

If you enjoy this vlog at all please subscribe and like the video. Every little bit helps.

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