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The WOTY Plan Of The Week

It's 5:33 AM as I begin to write this blog. I've adopted a new morning schedule that I hope to stick to. As I've heard the majority of successful entrepreneurs have strict morning schedules and stick to them. I hope it works for me. My schedule, for now, is simple.

Wake up.

Drink a glass of water.

Shower. Brush teeth. Shave.

Get dressed.

Cook breakfast.

Walk the dog.


Leave the house.

Hopefully, I can stick to it or even add to it to make my mornings more productive. But we'll see.

I plan to make this "WOTY plan of the week" a weekly thing for Mondays going forward. It for anyone that wants more behind-the-scenes at Wingman Of The Year, or anyone business-oriented. I assume how I write this blog every week will evolve over time. Practice makes perfect I guess. I might have to wake up an extra 15 minutes as I'm already running out of time before I leave as it's already 5:40 AM and I need to leave by 5:45 AM.

So to wrap this up I'll just tell you our primary focuses that Max and I targeted last night.

  1. Finalize our Google Ad Sense placements throughout our website.

  2. Look into another print-on-demand printing process/solution that might be more effective for more complex T-shirts.

  3. Get the ball rolling on a TikTok series that we believe will be a hit! Stay tuned.

  4. Schedule multiple interviews for (Winging It/Wingman Business) all at once and try to do them all in one day instead of scrambling to find interviews at the last moment. Will save a shit ton of time!

  5. Content, content, CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT!!!!!

I think that's it for our first plan of the month. And it's now 5:47 AM. Gotta get my ass moving.

Ready Break!

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