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Top 5 Superhero's That Are Wingmen - 8ARMEDSPIDEY Interview

On Today's episode of Winging It, we bring on 8armedspidey who has been the capital region's most renowned Spiderman. We did a bar review and had a couple of drinks together prior to this podcast and the content was absolutely hilarious. Be sure to check that out after this podcast.

As always we lead off with some shower/stoner thoughts in the Winging It segment and discuss how this is gonna live on the internet forever and how we feel about that. Followed by a Winging It Top 5 Superheros that are Wingmen. And not necessarily sidekicks. And to wrap the episode up we break down a Wingman Fail that is dreadfully painful to watch and then as always our Clip Of The Week.

Here is Spiderman's Instagram if you want to follow him

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