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Trust Fall - Trust Fail*

Today we bring you another prime example of how not to be a wingman. You can learn a lot from people's shortcomings. However, there was nothing short about this girl's fall. From the god damn top rope! She was just trying to hype up the party and she put her trust in her fellow party-goers and was sadly disappointed. Way to go guys. We have sadly disappointed another female. This is such a prime example of why women have trust issues. She jumped into what looked like a black hole for a second. She was absolutely deleted. In my professional opinion, she's at least coming out of this with a concussion and broken tail bone. The girl is gonna be sitting on a donut pillow for a couple of weeks.

The moral of the story is that as a society we need to be better at catching people that jump off high structures. I can't even be mad at her for attempting this. Ignore the fact that it was 15 feet in the air and isn't your typical stage dive. We need to push our limits so that we can grow. Nobody won here. The girl didn't. The people catching her didn't. If anyone won it's the internet. Yet again. Undefeated. Still.

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