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We Filmed An Exorcism. Read That Again. Yes Seriously!

This past weekend Chris and I traveled down to New Jersey to visit one of my past guests on Winging It. His name is Ron Kerner and he is a demonologist. For those of you that don't know, a demonologist is quite literally an expert in the field of demons. In Ron's case he actually does exorcisms. He does exorcisms under his LLC "The Demon Destroyers". He is one of the most interesting people that you'll ever talk to.

Ron set everything up for us so that we could come film this. We are eternally grateful for this as it was one of the most shocking, unexplainable, eye opening experiences that I've ever had. I think Chris would agree with me. The exorcism was performed on a 60 year old woman named Denise. It took place at a run down motel in Asbury, New Jersey. The setting automatically gave Chris and I chills and a bad feeling about the whole situation.

Immediately when we arrived Ron who was also accompanied by his daughter, began to question Denise about her experiences that lead us to this motel. She began describing a series of reoccurring nightmares that she's had for a long time. Things she's seen such as shadow figures, and told us of how her family experiences similar things. Now this is where it got interesting. Almost immediately when Ron is questioning Denise I see the light flicker twice in the bathroom with about 30 seconds in between. I seemed to be the only one that caught the first two. But then another couple seconds pasted and Ron and his daughters also saw a 3rd flicker of the lights. You will see this in the vlog.

At this point it started to feel very hot in the room. Much hotter than when we first got there. Then BOOM! One of the two main ceiling lights went out. Was this all just a coincidence? I was skeptical. I remember telling Chris that we need to make sure we maintain our battery levels. When I said this the battery on the Go Pro Chris was filming on was at 80% battery life. 5 minutes later, no exaggeration, we checked the battery again and it somehow dropped down to 40%. Unexplainable considering the camera was brand new.

Over where the ceiling light went out we heard a noise. Ron's daughter "Ariana" went to see if she could see what caused it. She found 3 finger prints that were dragging across the mirror. Ron came over to look and stumbled like he tripped. He immediately yells out "I got hit. I got hit!" Ariana checks his back and we find 3 fresh scratch marks. I was rattled at this point to say the least. They say that demons mock the trinity and everything comes in 3's with them. 3 finger prints, 3 scratch marks, and 3 flashes on the bathroom light.

Ron doesn't do a normal exorcism like the way that you're thinking. He uses the power of god and he actually does satanic rituals during the exorcisms. The way he explains it is that it works as double protection and that's why he has such a high success rate. He isn't a Satanist though. He respects Lucifer's power and essentially pulls rank on the demons. He gives a demon one of two options. Either go back to hell with Lucifer or be bound to a vessel. Almost like the movie Annabelle. That demon has taken that doll or vessel on as its home.

I don't want to give the whole vlog away but some unexplainable things happened during and after the actual exorcism. It should be coming out later this week. I will however have to mute some of the Latin Ron uses for the final video. He says he doesn't want people playing around with those ancient words and finding themselves in a situation where they might have to give him a call himself.

Stay tuned for the full video. Were hoping to do more of these exorcisms with Ron again now that we have a better idea of what to expect.

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