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We Saw Bigfoot At A Sasquatch Festival - Whitehall, NY

The Wingman Chronicles are back for their 6th episode. This time we made our way out to Whitehall, NY which is located in upstate New York right on the Vermont border. Which is also in the heart of the Adirondack National Park and home to Bigfoot.

We've been told that this is the biggest Sasquatch festival on the east coast. Everyone came out of the woodwork for this one. You'll see in this vlog how many vendors came out for it as we interview a couple of them and ask them if they believe in Bigfoot or if they've ever had an encounter. There was also a ton of Bigfoot experts and researchers that came to the festival that had booths set up and even talked in the town hall about some of their findings. We will link all their information below. Also at the end of the Video is some highlights from the "Bigfoot Calling Contest". Some absolute gems!

Overall it was a great experience and the WOTY boys will probably be going again next year. Hopefully we can eventually go out into the woods to look for Bigfoot with some of these experts or at the bare minimum get them on "Winging It Podcast". Stay tuned!

The shirts each of us are wearing in the video are also available on our site

Vendors/Researchers seen in the video

The Forest Fleur (Bigfoot Research, Podcast, Products) Social media @theforestfleur

Brendon Brown (CARC) Catskill Appalachian Research Collective Productions and Investigations

Lurk Podcast - Hosted by Jamie Jackson Facebook/Twitter @lurkpodcast Instagram @lurk.podcast

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