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What a big weekend!! The Mafias Casino?

To start off I just want to thank everyone that has taken time out of their busy day to listen to me a guy that can't even write a story if my life depended on it.

We had an awesome week this past week going about 75 percent on all our picks. But this weekend was the real deal for us and holy fuck was it awesome.

I decided to meet up with my long-time friend Dan a big UFC fan to learn some insight about UFC and to see if we could win some money. So I am driving to Dans which is probably a 3-hour drive at most listening to podcasts and interviews of these fighters trying to get some insight myself on who has the chance to win and so forth. I get a text from Dan saying "I know that Mike Chandler is going to beat Dan Hooker." So I look at it and it's a lock for me already. I then get a text saying "and 100 percent Connor is getting knocked out by Dustin." I was like wow this guy is crazy.

Moving forward in the story, I get to his house and we go to the casino. We put the bets in I go and ML Chandler and then add Poirier to the parlay. Of course, I have my ticket we go and play some roulette let me tell you what this Casino I was at made me feel like it was an underground casino and the mafia was running it. You walk through this fucking place and they don't ID you, they have 16-year-olds running around playing poker and drinking beers. I loved it, I felt like I was in my god damn element. So like I said we have our bets for the fights later on in the night, We decide to go hit the roulette table. We had these fucking crazy people on the table with us. This one guy said to put your chips on 23 so everyone at the table puts their chips on 23, and we are fucking yelling 23 so loud hoping we won't get kicked out hahaha. It doesn't hit, but we all keep riding with it and screaming 23 having a great time drinking beers and ripping shots.

We loop back to Dan's house to watch the fights. Chandler VS Hooker is first, the preview getting me all jacked up and ready to run through a fucking wall. The fight starts and from there Chandler destroys Hooker and we get our first win on the parlay.

It's all on Dustin Poirier now baby!!! We are getting jacked up now.

The fight begins and Connor looks in control but there is a look in Dustin's eyes that says he's not going down today. He fucking takes Connor's leg off with about 1100000 kicks no idea how that thing is still intact. The second round starts and Dustin demolishes Connor and next thing you know Connor is sleeping on the fucking ground and Dan and I go fucking nuts we hit our parlay. Cashing out at 380 dollars.

The next day I make it home and I have the Buccs -3 and Chiefs -3.5 on my next parlay. Well let me tell you what both teams came out and fucking did work for me baby and we hit again! IDK what today was but we are ready to rip into this week with some more heaters for the fans so let's get it, baby!!!!

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