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What Is A Cuck?

In today's episode of Winging It, we talk about Jon Gruden, Squid Games, how tampons confuse Hunter, and a whole lot more. We also have our most unorthodox WOTY nomination yet to start the show-off and also probably one of the most interesting interviews yet. It's also probably the dirtiest interview yet if you couldn't tell. We Bring on Tiffany who is also know as @MRSMCCUCKQUEAN. An extremely informative episode but also a very descriptively sexually graphic one. If you don't know but a cuck is then buckle up and get ready to learn and to be entertained.

Wingman Of The Year Nomination: 1:20 WOTY

Wingman Round-Up: 5:00

"Winging It": 14:20

Tiffany "Cuck Queen" Interview: 24:00

Hunter reads an excerpt from Tiffany's sex blog: 1:08:50

Let's Wing It!!!

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