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Whats Going on Everybody? Happy Thursday to you all!

It's Thursday and it's snowing like hell in Upstate New York! What is better than doing some research and placing some bets on a cold snow day? I've cooked some bets up and I have decided to put some money on the line tonight because that what I do. I know I explained Parlays yesterday and explained to you all that it was a bad idea to do so... But today I am throwing cash in on 3 parlays uhhh ohhh Vegas is going to take all of my money because we all know that one team is going to fuck me over.

What is the lock of the day??

Let's lock Creighton in at -6.5. Alright back to doing research! I hope everyone has a great Thursday and we all win some type of money!

DM, my Instagram, or Twitter for more picks of the day!


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