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Why there is still hope for the New York Giants

The New York Football Giants have just dropped their 3rd straight game this season to start Joe Judge's head coaching career off to a brutal 0-3. I'm going to try and be as optimistic as possible with an article but I think we can all agree that things aren't looking great for this team at all. The loss to the San Francisco 49ers might have been our worst loss yet this season. The Giants got blown out 36-9 to a team that is missing half of their starters and failed to put up a single touchdown. We also lost Jabrill Peppers today and we don't know how long hell is out for yet. Injuries haven't been our friend this year either. It's part of the game and every team has to deal with them. I don't have to tell you how bad it is, because you already know.

Now that we have the table set let's try and look at positives and look at the glass half full. I don't know about you but when I looked at the Giants schedule before the start of the season, I envisioned us starting out 0-3. Those were some tough defenses that the Giants had to face and there are still 13 more games left to look forward to. So now let's put it in perspective and let's remember how young this team is. Let's remember that we have a sophomore quarterback and that "sophomore slump" is a saying for a reason. We have a rookie head coach that is still trying to figure things out. Let's not get the mob after him yet. I really do believe Joe Judge has a lot of promise and he deserves his chance to learn the ropes and is entitled to endure his growing pains. Joe Judge will get better! Daniel Jones is young and will get better! I promise!

A huge thing that Giants fans are probably already overlooking is how much better our defense is this year compared to last year and what was expected. (at least for the first two games.) We started the season losing Deandre Baker to his off-the-field issues. Meaning we had to cut one of our first-round picks from LAST year! That blow to the organization can't be understated enough. That killed us. The Giants need to stop missing on 1st round picks. (Eric Flowers, Eli Apple, Deandre Baker) It's been plaguing our organization and needs to be addressed. The Giants also lost our 2nd round pick Saftey Xavier Mckinney for a good portion of the season during training camp due to injury. We still have him to look forward to in the future and this guy could really become something great if he develops. He could be our next Landon Collins out of Alabama. Regardless of these losses on defense the defense has exceeded expectations and has played decent at the very least. Maybe not this past week ut they did the first 2.

I suppose we have to round back to the big injuries at some point even though it physically causes me pain to talk about. Saquon Barkley is out for the season. It sucks and there is no way around it. He will be missed but it is the next man up and hopefully, someone can emerge in our backfield. I'm personally hoping Wayne Gallman can show us something. He flashed in a game or two last year when Saquon was out and I'm hoping he can do it again. Sterling Shepard is also on the 3 weeks IR and it should be noted that Daniel Jones still hasn't played a full game with Shepard, Tate, Slayton, Engram, and Barkley. The injures are killing us but I will try not to use them as an excuse.

Lastly, our schedule moving forward is a lot better. And I mean A LOT! We play the Rams next which has a solid defense and will be a tough matchup but after that, the teams we play should be a lot easier on us. Over the next 6 weeks we play the Washington Football team twice, the Cowboys who have a banged-up defense, and the Eagles who are in full panic mode. So yes, things are looking up. I don't think we are going to make a playoff run this year and neither should you. I'm a homer for the New York Giants but I try to be as realistic as possible while also being optimistic. This year was meant to be a rebuilding year and to get Joe Judge's feet underneath him and give him the reigns. Give him the opportunity to try and develop our young talent.

Keep your head up big blue!

It can't be bad forever!


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