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"Winging It Podcast" Is Under Construction

Winging It Podcast is the flagship show of Wingman Of The Year. It has been a forever evolving show that has gone through many growing pains. However, growing pains are good. These growing pains have occurred over what I believe is a 38 episode tour of duty. These growing pains have also included an inconsistent recording schedule, bad audio, lack of value at times, and what is now a rotation of 3 cohosts.

I write this blog to inform you that Tyler is taking a redshirt year for personal reasons. Reasons that prohibit his full character from coming through and reasons that don't allow him promotions of the show. I hope all the listeners respect this decision. He has told me he's coming back when he figures everything out, outside of the WOTY universe.

What does this mean for the future of Winging It? I'm pleased to inform you that Winging It isn't fucking leaving!

I'm not going anywhere! Winging It is here to stay! The one thing that has stayed consistent with Winging It is me. The Host. Hunter Werner. The founder of Wingman Of The Fucking Year. This ship isn't going down. And if it ever does I'm going down with it like every good captain should.

I think that's been enough patting myself on the back for one day. So naturally, it's time to bring me back down to earth. Winging It isn't shit and I haven't accomplished anything yet. Improvements need to be made on this show. I need to set an example for everyone else at Wingman. What improvements need to be made? I'll tell you.

First, off a consistent schedule is the most important thing to improve upon. I need to pick a dedicated day to release a weekly episode. The show needs to drop at Midnight that day. Not some time in the middle of the day. Self-discipline is the key to life. Next, I need to structure the show in an organized manner. I know the show is called "Winging It" but I can't fire from the hip anymore. If I'm going to actually take this company to the next step and actually get sponsorships I need to take it more seriously. The structure that I am envisioning now is one where I open up for 10-15 seconds about what the show will be about and then the intro will play. I will then do around a 10-minute rant about WOTY things that are happening and trending topics/news. That will be followed by an interview I hope every episode. An interview that will always provide value. Whether that's entertainment value or you learning something. Lastly, I will be introducing some new drops for new and recurring segments. I'm also probably going to tweak the intro a little bit. So that is something to look forward to.

I'm dedicated to this show and this network and especially dedicated to anyone that takes the time to listen to me or anyone on the network. You have no idea how much it means to me if you take time out of your life to listen to us. I appreciate you so much. Winging It will be back very soon. Probably within a week or two. I just have to figure these things out.

Let's wing it!

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