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Wingman Of The Year Nomination/ Jumping on a Grenade 8/31/21

I hope everyone enjoyed August because today is the last day of it and we're bringing you the last Wingman Of The Year for the summer. We've been searching the web high and low for nominations. This nomination comes via (youngmikey343) on Tiktok.

Our guy Mikey might be in Webster's dictionary when you look up the definition of a wingman. Mike is playing off the most classic sense of what a wingman is. Or better yet he's doing what Pauly and Vinny would do in the Jersey Shore. Jumping on the damn grenade. Taking one for the team. The stuff of legends. Mikey green screened himself over another TikTok of some sorority cult-like activity and filmed himself so he looks like he was running through the crowd of girls. He captioned it "When you boutta go smash the ugly friend so that your boy can get some action and all her friends are hype." My favorite parts of this video are obviously the music and the fact that he's wearing a backpack for some reason. Like he's on some sort of adventure to Mordor with Frodo and Sam or something. The way he is running and how it links up with the music is absolutely priceless.

This is clearly a TikTok and didn't happen. However, let us pretend it was real and break it down. if it did happen this guy is a wingman on multiple accounts. First of all, he's distracting the "ugly" friend so his boy can focus on his girl. God that felt awful to write. Ugly. Ugly is a fucking ugly word. I'm sorry. Anyway, he already plays wingman for his boy in the situation so mission accomplished right? Wrong! My man takes it another step and closes the deal and all the other girls are hype for the "ugly" friend. Everyone needs some action and love.

In this fake scenario, everyone was a winner and came out happy. The buddy and the good-looking friend, the ugly friend, the crowd of girls, and even Mike. Mike walks away from this earning a WOTY nomination and the satisfaction of getting an assist for his boy. Now his buddy owes him one as well. The only downside is that he might have lowered his standards too far and fucked his chances with the other girls in the future. Oh well, he can just try with another group of girls.

Moral of the story! Be a wingman and just be a good friend. Don't be afraid to do something and get a good story out of it. Karma is real. Mikey might have some good karma coming his way. No doubt about it.

If you have a WOTY nomination please send it our way!

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