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WOTY Nomination 7/20/21

This week's Wingman of The Year nomination comes in from Courtney on Instagram Courtney Kay (@courtneyyykayyy)

We found Courtney's Instagram and saw that she captioned her latest post with "Best Wingman Award". As you can see on the screenshot below, we quickly informed her that we hand out the Wingman awards on the internet. Naturally, we had to know the story behind this caption and asked her why she was deserving.

Courtney told us that she was out with a guy friend of hers and that he had his eye on another girl. He went in and shot his shot. Shooters shoot! Turns out this girl was very fond of Courtney. Now, this is where it gets good. Courtney saw an opportunity to help her friend close the deal. She brought them both back to her place and Irish goodbyed them. She Irish goodbyed her own home! That's an automatic 10 points to Gryffindor if you ask me because of the creativity and originality. Courtney might be more of a Slytherin though. I'm not sure. She'll have to let us know. Regardless she came through for her friend and her street cred is through the roof now. She can wingman for us anytime!

Let us know if you think Courtney is this year's Wingman Of The Year. If you have a wingman story message us and maybe you can be nominated next!

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