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Have You Ever Wanted To Be On A Dating Show?

Wingman Of The Year is a dating show network and we want to put our wingman skills to the test! Some shows are shot in a recording studio while others will be shot in front of a live audience. This page is designed to help us give you a better idea about what makes our dating shows different. So check out the page and take some time to consider applying and join the world of Wingman!

Wingman Dating Shows


Wingman Of The Year Live

Live Interactive Dating

Interactive Dating Show in front of a Live Audience! Compete against other Bachelor/Bachelorettes with the assistance of your wingman! This Live Show has many twists and turns!

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Hot Date

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Blind Date With Heat

Things are gonna heat up! Hot Date is the blind show where singles/couples/or friends take on the heat while handling spicy questions and spicier food. Tag team effort is a part of this show's journey!

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Cupids Challenge


Matchmaking Competition

Go on unique dates with other singles & have these experiences personally curated by your Professional Wingman! This Head-to-Head Competition showcases people's wingmaning skills while helping our singles find love!



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Is It Love Or Is It A Bomb

Finding love is never easy, especially when avoiding the Lovebomb! This game show takes singles to interact on a series of questions/challenges and narrow down the one person who doesn't want to date. The stakes are high and the bomb could be ticking away...

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Street Matcher

Street Matcher (1).png

Public Dating Show

We take dating to the streets! Street Matcher is a competitive dating show that involves people being wingmen and finding matches to see who wins this rapid-fire competition!

Check Out Our YouTube For Full Dating Show Episodes

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