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Cam Newton is an Entertainer

Cam Newton wasnt only throwing dimes, he was entertaining the fans. Cam was 11-18 in competitive drills where he threw dimes to Nelson Agholor and Hunter Henry for touchdowns.

11 on 11 drills started and Cam was looking pretty good. When the rookie (Mac Jones) came in to run some reps Cam decided to entertain the crowd. He turned to the crowd and started getting everyone pumped up using his arms as a crowd volume meter. He would look to the crowd in the bleachers and fire them up, then he would look at the crowd on the hill to get them fired up!

A scuffle broke out during 11 on 11 drills and the defense had to run laps. When the defense was running laps Cam looked at the crowd and told them to get fired up, pretty much making fun of his defense and ill tell you what it was pure entertainment.

Now this is where the fun was. The offense was marching down the field when Mac Jones threw a dime to Nelson Agholor where it looked to me his feet were in bounds for a touchdown!!!! But the dirty stripes called him out of bounds. Cam came running to the end zone with his towel in his hand acting like he was throwing the challenge flag. He then acted if he was in the tent looking at the replay and he came out with the call being overturned and it was a touchdown.

This man is pure entertainment and I love it I hope he keeps this energy up and continues it through the season.

Check out the video of came challenging the call and overturning it on our instagram and twitter.

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