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How To Get Her Addicted To You

When it comes to modern-day “dating” casual is the word that should stick out the most to you. Too many people don’t have time for a relationship right now and consistent casual sex is their go-to. Friends with benefits can be amazing given the right circumstances. The problem is that keeping someone around long enough to maintain a friendship with benefits is hard as fuck, especially if your dick game is weak. (Newsflash it probably is, you just don't know it) Okay okay, I’ll be fair, it probably isn’t trash, you’re just not making her cum. I don’t care how convincing she sounds. I promise you that if she doesn’t stick around after you had a great time and you think you’re a decent person, she did not get her nut. Just so you’re getting this, nine times out of ten when you hop in the shower after thinking you're the fucking man and just laid the ultimate pipe she’s finishing herself off because you couldn’t. So of course she’s going to go elsewhere in hopes that someone will care enough to put the effort in she needs. So what now? Here you are questioning every sexual experience you’ve had, “did she really cum or was she faking” but alas no need to worry, Hail is here to the rescue and I am about to go over exactly what you should be doing to make her have amazing orgasms, yes plural. The thing is, finding a man that can do this for you is so rare that it’s intoxicating. Women want more because they rarely experience sex like that with anyone aside from themselves. Therefore it's addicting, like think about it all day, zoning out fantasizing about it at work, telling ALL of your friends to type addicting. So to get her to this point the main thing we need to start with is foreplay. Now I know you think 30 seconds of aggressively flicking her clit is perfect and it gets her all hot and bothered but when she tells you she just “wants to fuck her” she just wants it to end, sorry. So we all know the tortoise and the hare story, slow and steady wins the race. That is exactly what you need to have in mind when it comes to foreplay. Three things you absolutely need to focus on are pressure, motion, and consistency. Prolonged pressure and rhythmic circular motions are what makes for a well-oiled machine if you know what I mean, we’re going for that WAP boys. This applies to you eating her out or fingering her too. Just focus on the clit majority of the time and remember it takes time. (pro tip: slide a finger in while you’re eating her out and it’s a game-changer)

Now, this is the most important part you NEED to pay attention to if she at any point says “just like that” do.not.change.anything. I know it’s exciting, you’re doing a good job and she’s feeling great, but when you change the speed and motion all of that goes out the window and you are back to square one. So with that in mind, we get to when you’re actually having sex. No matter the position you 100% need to be trying to rub her clit for her or being in a position where she can herself. This just really creates the best scenario for you both because when you allow for this to happen shit can get intense. Also, you guys have reaaaally got to stop being intimidated by a vibrator in the bedroom. I know you feel like she doesn’t need it and really, she may not but if she has a mindblowing orgasm while with you? She associates you with that in her head, cue the addiction being created, duh. Trust me it’s the best thing when a guy suggests a vibrator/toys or tells you he’s okay with it because it just makes the experience ten times more comfortable and enjoyable for most women. Alright lastly, you should always be focusing on making her cum first before you are doing anything for yourself. It’s so much easier for you to get off and honestly, it’s not fair, but trust me you will know when she’s cumming. So now we get to afterwards, no matter how proud you are of yourself you need to act like it’s not even a big deal like you do this all the time and it’s the norm for you. Contain that inner pep talk until you’re with the guys. If you brag she’s going to feel insecure and think you’re a man whore, no offense I’m just letting you in on a woman’s thought process. Well now that you have all of the info, tips, and tricks, go help that girl get her nut. But most of all happy fucking!

xoxo, Hailey

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