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Is 2004 One Of The Greatest Years In Music?

Hey Streamettes! Max at it again on the blogs. So we just dropped out latest episode of Cassettes that dives into one of our new mini series "Greatest Years In Music" and for the first part we cover the year 2004! At first you may say "HUH," but once you dive into it, you can see how so many artist got their start in this year that still affect the music landscape today in 2020! Plus one hit wonders that still carry their own weight to this day. From Usher's Confession Album, to the coming out party of Kanye West with College Dropout, and the debut of The Killers album that brought us "Somebody Told Me" and the iconic "Mr. Brightside." Hoobastank lead the one hit wonder charge, along with JoJo, J Kwon's "Tipsy," Ashley Simpson, and more! Plus we can't forget about Clay Aiken lol. Watch below our discussion and let us know what you think? Max signing out!

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