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Selling Sex-Modern Day

Okay, so I know you immediately thought “prostitute” when you read the title, and that’s perfect because that’s the misconception we’re talking about today. 2021 is a wild time with completely different “norms” than even 2020. Now as you know so many people have been put out of work due to COVID, and what does one do when they don’t have a steady income anymore? They find ways to make cash any way they can. This is how hundreds of thousands of women and men have joined OnlyFans as content creators. Now, this platform is not specifically for “sex work” so to speak, it is also utilized for influencers sharing workout, skincare, and meal prep routines. However when it comes to the average person making some extra cash, well, sex sells. Now that raises the question, at what point in generational difference do we think differently about OnlyFans being compared to prostitution versus a literal job or side hustle? Times are changing and people are more open than ever are taking advantage of the convenience and safety of the internet being a buffer between you and your “clientele”. Doing sex work on the internet for money means you are not meeting these people in person, or even talking to them if you aren’t comfortable. This is a huge factor to consider when quickly forming an opinion on someone that says they’re in the sex industry. Older people would generally assume porn or prostitution whereas millennials most likely would assume OnlyFans or selling nudes for money. Now, this is important to remember because the ratio of sex workers in the past 10 years versus now is astronomically different.

Selling sexual content is so normalized now with younger generations that we don’t even think twice when we see promotions or find out a friend has their own OF account. I’ve just been noticing lately that people are slowly giving less of a fuck about what you’re doing, and I think that’s pretty interesting to be experiencing the shift in judgment firsthand and being on the forefront of it. Anyways, I’ve been lucky enough to be successful on OF and I wanted to share some insider info I think is good to consider. The best thing about OnlyFans is that everyone has a good chance at making money because everyone has a type. If you think of porn categories, MILF, BBW, teen, blonde, interracial, etc. those are the same themes you can use to attract subscribers that seek a more personal touch when it comes to their sexual interests. Learning to use that and to apply it to your strategy for gaining subscribers will dramatically change your monthly numbers. As everyone says, know your audience. Now if you are trying to maximize the amount of dough you’re raking in, make the subscribers feel special as fuck. Literally, make them think they’re the only person you’re making time for and the tips will come rolling in. I plan on writing a step-by-step guide to starting your account and how to profit a fuck ton like the bad bitch you deserve to. I just had these thoughts today and figured it’s something to think about. The guide coming will be more geared towards the creators that are women, because well that’s the majority of account holders on OF. So keep checking in to see when it’s posted because I promise it will be a lifesaver.

Xoxo, Hail aka BigTittyBabie

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