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Streaming Cassettes Interviewed Musician Jaren Grey

Hey everyone! I feel so bad that I haven't blogged on the site in ages! We are keeping busy at Wingman Of The Year. Between weekly shows, working on the back end of the website, building up multiple TikTok accounts, and scheming for the future of our brand, we can say we are hopping! That is no excuse though for us here at WOTY to not blog so I do apologize. I and RJ have been on a tear with interviews on Streaming Cassettes. So I am going to talk about our interview three weeks ago on the show! We sat down with Jaren Grey! Jaren Grey is a solo Rock Artist based out of Chicago, IL. Jaren previously lived in Vermont and was a member of Castleton University Radio WIUV with Max and RJ! We talked about radio station memories, the writing process, upcoming projects, and more!

Below are the links for learning more about Jaren Grey!

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