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Catch The Hottest New Dating Show Coming To Rutland, VT on April 27TH!!!



Here Is What To Expect At Wingman Of The Year Live

Try something NEW and actually EXCITING on April 27th in Rutland! Don’t be the person who just goes to dinner at that same boring restaurant every weekend… Seriously… You’re a lot more fun and exciting than that! April 27th is when you need to be at Merchants Hall in Rutland, Vermont to experience a live and interactive dating show!

It’s honestly some of the best entertainment that you’ll find and it's going to be the hottest ticket in town. So naturally you need to bring your hot date to the show. Don't worry though, if you’re single… it makes for a great singles event with the girls or even linking up with the boys for a couple of rounds. Who knows, the host may just hook you up with some singles... it is an INTERACTIVE dating show after all.

So let's break this down. Real local singles. A real blind date in front of an audience. Real connections and A LOT of emotions. UNFILTERED AF!!!


1 Bachelorette and 3 Bachelors. Who will he choose?! I guess it is up to you to help us Wingman and find out. Tickets are selling fast! So be a Wingman and come to Wingman Of The Year Live!

Use Code WOTY To Save $5.00 Off!

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Can't Wait Til Our Next Show? Watch Our Last Show Here!

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