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Welcome To Wingman Dimes

Wingman Dimes is an ambassador community centered around the men's lifestyle brand Wingman Of The Year. Wingman Dimes focuses on promoting its members through engaging social media plus live events along with engaging in our WOTY content based on bar reviews, podcasts, photoshoots, events, and collaboration pieces.  Many prospective Dimes, as well as our current members, possess prior modeling experience and are comfortable engaging with our audience.

Benefits Of Being A Wingman Dime



- Exposure to our ENTIRE Wingman Of The Year audience!

-Exclusive invites to our corporate events.



- Grow YOUR network through Wingman Of The Year!

- Collaborate with other Wingman Dimes!

- Potential to be part of our other Wingman Of The Year content! (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and beyond)


Free Merch/Services

- FREE exclusive Wingman Dimes Shirt. (Dimes Exclusive)

- Access to photoshoots with Wingman Of The Year Photographers.

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