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Saturday Locks!

Let me start this blog out by giving a huge shoutout to the boys here at WOTY for hitting 1k on Tik Tok!!! CONGRATS!

Okay moving on now, We have a huge Saturday with some great matchups in the college basketball world!

First, take of the day!

Indiana VS Ohio State:

This isn't even a doubt for me I have watched Ohio State battle all year long during this college basketball season. There is not a damn player on Indiana that can stop my main man E.J Liddell. His defense is off the wall. Ohio State is on a 5 game winning streak and Indiana is on a 2 game winning streak. Ohio State is home which isn't a big factor this year, but that wouldn't matter where they were going to play this shitty Indiana team.

So you know my take of this one OHIO STATE!

Moving on to the second take of the day!

Iowa Vs Michigan State:

Michigan State is in shambles this season and Tom Izzo looks like he's going to go home and beat his wife after every game. Iowa on the other hand has had a decent year and that shouldn't be a shock when they have the best player in the NCAA on their team Luka Garza (Guys a beast.) This is a toss-up for me because like I said Iowa has had a decent year, In the last couple of games they have looked scary but I think in the end they will come up with a win against a team that is in shamble.

My pick here is IOWA.

Last but not least the game I have been waiting for !!!!!

Loyola Chicago Vs Drake:

These two teams are very fun to watch and if you haven't had the chance to watch these teams please put your seatbelts on and watch this one tomorrow! One of my favorite big men to watch this year is on this Drake team Darnell motherfucking Brodie this guy is an animal on defense and can back down anyone in his way! He will play a huge part against this gritty Loyola team. OK, I don't want to give much up in this game but please go watch this I promise it will be worth it!

My pick for this one is DRAKKKEEEE.

Here is the big part of this blog. If you guys end up betting tomorrow and choose any of these three teams to win and send me a picture over my DM on Instagram I will send you a free WOTY shirt! So please hop on it and support! I love you all and LOCKKK ITTTTT THE FUCKKKK INNNN WOOOOOOOHHHHH

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