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Wingman Of The Year Nomination 6/15/21

Ok so we have our first WOTY nomination of the month. This nomination is just peak summer vibes. We’re so fucking back!

So its the guy in the passenger seat of the Jeeps 21st birthday. You can see at the end of the video on the back windshield written in marker. The guy driving the car is getting a wingman of the year nomination. Absolutely outstanding work to keep this car driving straight while executing an almost perfect handoff. I don't think he could have done it any better if he tried. The handoff was so good that he looked like a shitty backup quarterback that just came into the game because the starter got hurt. Coach doesn't want him throwing the ball at all and wants to establish the ground game. Handoffs only! Props to you sir for executing like a champ.

However after watching this video a few more times I picked up on a few things. How clutch was it that these guys had road sodas to spare?! Both vehicles were with out a doubt heading to the beach to do some day drinking. Literally what Corona was invented for. Then when the Jeep sped up after the handoff like they robbed a place. Classic! Lastly peep the Jeeps back window and hit that guys Venmo account. Be a wingman and buy him a drink. Its gonna be a long summer, he'll need it.

Congrats @ianstrahly Ian Strahly for your nomination. We hope to catch up with you and get more details about this story and to give you a proper nomination.

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