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We offer a wide variety of content that includes daily video pieces, dating shows, live events, podcasts, blogs, giveaways, and more! If we can spread the word about being a wingman for the rest of our lives, then we feel we did our purpose on this planet! Because we mean when we say anyone can be a wingman!



We pride ourselves on our video content. We offer a true diversity of videos on our platforms. We have our video podcasts, short-form social videos, long-form vlogs, and more. We upload weekly on YouTube and Facebook pages. Below is a sample of what we do at Wingman Of The Year!

Viral Comedian Dates Four Hot Bachelorettes | Wingman Of The Year Live Ep. 1

Wingman Of The Year Does Hot Date For The First Time | Hot Date Pilot

Cut The Activist Does His First Podcast Ever And Tells Us His Best Drinking Stories

I Went To A Nudist Resort


One of our core pieces of content is our Wingman podcast! WOTY Podcasts is a variety interview-based podcast where we talk to all walks of life about who they are and incorporate wingman nominations and stories from the guests/our fans. We also have set show segments and roundtable discussions. Available on all podcast platforms and YouTube/Facebook for video. 

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We also have blog content on our site. The Wingman Blogs cover all things WOTY. From our latest show episodes, to vlog recaps, wingman nominations, stories, life hacks/tricks, and more! We post multiple times a week so we have plenty of content to explore!

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